Embrace the Miracle Power of PRP with the Vampire® Series

Vampires and skin rejuvenation are not two things you would likely categorize together. However, today we are about to change your thinking about the healing power of one of the most natural substances around: blood! More specifically, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which can be extracted from drawn blood and reapplied to increase cell repair and promote cell regeneration. Doctors have applied this method to help both men and women with their skin, hair, chest, and even more intimate concerns. The Vampire® series of procedures all involve injecting PRP from your own blood to help promote rejuvenating and youthful results.   Continue reading “Embrace the Miracle Power of PRP with the Vampire® Series” »

Reclaim Your Womanhood diVa™ Laser Vaginal Therapy

The demand for vaginal rejuvenation has sky-rocketed as women hope to reclaim their feminine wellness. At RejuvenationMD® Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center, we get it! Who doesn’t want to feel like their most vibrant, sexy selves? We are so excited to perform diVa, a laser vaginal therapy that makes it possible for a woman to take charge of their womanhood! Continue reading “Reclaim Your Womanhood diVa™ Laser Vaginal Therapy” »

Chin up! What Can Kybella® Do for You this Summer?

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your double chin? You are not alone! According to one report, 67 percent of those surveyed responded that excess fat under the chin posed a significant problem.  This does not come as a surprise to us at RejuvenationMD® Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center as many of our patients have long struggled with submental (below-the-chin) fat. With the introduction of Kybella, we finally have a way to successfully help our patients say goodbye to their double chins without needing to undergo surgery.
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Is Your Skin Protected from Sun Damage?

It goes without saying that, here in the Pacific Northwest, we see far more grey, cloudy days than those of bright sunshine. While the sun seemingly cannot, UV radiation is able to break through and make its way through the clouds. Thus, sun damage is just as much a threat on cloudy days as it is on sunny days. No matter the weather, it is important to take steps to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.

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Rejuvenate Your Aging Skin this Spring at RejuvenationMD

Aging is inevitable—and nowhere is this more evident than our skin. Age, along with genetics, sun exposure, and gravity all take a toll on our youthful complexion. Even simple facial expressions further our skin’s aging cycle. While this may not put a smile on your face, our team of skincare experts at RejuvenationMD Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center hope that we can. RejuvenationMD offers multiple services as well as professional skincare products to assist with aging skin and the many associated issues.
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4 Cheers to Healthy Skin

Tsitsi, HydraFacial - ImageHealthy skin makes for a healthy glow. Craving a radiant complexion, we ask ourselves, “Is my skin healthy?” Whether it be environmental damage, ultraviolet exposure, stress, or natural aging—the odds of a healthy and lustrous complexion are stacked against us. Always an advocate for skin health, Dr. Tsitis and her staff are proud to offer her patients an effective solution to stubborn skin ailments—HydraFacial MD® Treatment. Continue reading “4 Cheers to Healthy Skin” »

Slim Down in Time for Summer with CoolSculpting®

coolsculpting rejuvenation md As we step into spring, it is only natural that we start to long for the warm days of summer. As we shed our cold weather layers, we start to take notice of our bodies. No longer hidden beneath our winter wardrobe, stubborn pockets of fat become increasingly noticeable. Anxious to achieve a sleek summer body, RejuvenationMD’s patients are eager to try CoolSculpting. Continue reading “Slim Down in Time for Summer with CoolSculpting®” »