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Acne Treatments & Acne Scar Removal

Acne and acne scars can be problematic and equally as devastating for any age group. Luckily RejuvenationMD of Burlington and Bellingham offers a variety of proven techniques available to us here to improve both superficial and deep disease. First we want to attack the bacteria that produces acne. Second we want to control sebum, or oil, that contributes. Thirdly, we want to calm the inflammation surrounding the eruptions. Lastly, we want to prevent more acne from occurring. Using our medical grade chemical peels, professional skin care linesPlatelet Rich Plasma and our Forever Young BBL™, we can do all that quickly and effectively. This multifaceted approach has been extremely helpful for many patients of ours.

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rejuvapen-acne*One Patients Experience, Individual Results May Vary.


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