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O Shot® for Women’s Sexual Health

PRP for Sexual Health

Lately, PRP has become popular for sexual wellness. There are not many options in this field for women which makes PRP quite unique. Specifically, after numbing (using a topical cream) is attained, platelet rich plasma can be injected into the sexual organs (clitoris, vagina and labia majora) to rejuvenate the female orgasmic system, hence the name the O-Shot®. Growth factors are released and improve the function of these tissues almost immediately. The benefits include greater arousal from clitoral stimulation, younger, smoother vulvar skin, a tighter vaginal opening, stronger more frequent orgasms, increased libido and lubrication, less pain with intercourse, and even decreased urinary incontinence.

“My sensitivity and lubrication are so much better.

Thank you Dr. Tsitsis!”

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