Rejuvenate Your Aging Skin this Spring at RejuvenationMD


Aging is inevitable—and nowhere is this more evident than our skin. Along with genetics, sun exposure, and gravity, age takes a toll on our youthful complexion. Even simple facial expressions further our skin’s aging cycle. While this may not put a smile on your face, our team of skincare experts

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Rejuvenate Your Aging Skin this Spring at RejuvenationMD2022-06-24T16:15:46-07:00

4 Cheers to Healthy Skin


  Healthy skin makes for a healthy glow. Craving a radiant complexion, we ask ourselves, “Is my skin healthy?” Whether it be environmental damage, ultraviolet exposure, stress, or natural aging—the odds of a healthy and lustrous complexion are stacked against us. Always an advocate for skin health, Dr. Tsitis and her staff are proud to

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4 Cheers to Healthy Skin2021-06-21T17:23:38-07:00

Slim Down in Time for Summer with CoolSculpting®


As we step into spring, it is only natural that we start to long for the warm days of summer. As we shed our cold weather layers, we start to take notice of our bodies. No longer hidden beneath our winter wardrobe, stubborn pockets of fat become increasingly noticeable. Anxious to achieve a sleek summer

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Slim Down in Time for Summer with CoolSculpting®2021-06-21T17:26:59-07:00