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DermaplaneMD Facial

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment designed to make skin feel smoother, appear healthier and to restore a more youthful glow.

During a dermaplaning procedure, your RejuvenationMD provider utilizes a sterile surgical blade, carefully stroking the skin in even motions similar to shaving. Dermaplaning the skin painlessly removes dry, dead surface skin as well as fine vellus hairs (otherwise known as “peach fuzz,”) to reveal new, healthy skin cells and a smooth surface.

Procedure Highlights:

–Immediate results with no downtime

—Recommended to treat dry, rough skin, acne scars, uneven skin tone, large pores, fine lines and unwanted facial hair.

—A safe, effective treatment for overall skin rejuvenation.

Dermaplaning not only removes dead skin cells superficially, but, at a deeper level, it will smooth scarring and other irregularities. By removing the soft facial hair (otherwise known as “peach fuzz”) that lights and lasers cannot treat, Dermaplaning restores a youthful glow since hair can dampen your complexion.  Since the dermaplane blade removes damaged epidermal skin more swiftly and cleanly than the natural shedding process allows, it can also trigger speedier skin cell turnover which consequently means this is an excellent anti-aging procedure. The results include a smoother skin texture and brighter complexion, while fine lines and minor scars are minimized.

Because nonfunctional superficial skin cells are removed during this procedure, Dermaplaning allows for the deeper penetration of skincare products, increasing their effectiveness. When used just before other treatments, Dermaplaning is excellent for preparing your skin so that we can safely advance the aggressiveness of any procedure that follows. You will see immediate results that will be suitable for any special occasion, and, since there is no downtime, it will have your skin looking absolutely glowing! A massage and treatment masque are included in the RMD Dermaplane Facial …and, no, your hair will not grow back thicker.

This procedure is suitable for all skin types and conditions, with the exception of active cystic acne. When used as a stand-alone treatment, this is a great alternative for patients who are pregnant or nursing as there are no harsh chemicals used.

Dermaplane FAQ

How long does an appointment take?

An appointment requires 30 to 90 minutes. 

Is there any recovery time?

There is no recovery time needed.

When are the effects visible?

The effects are apparent immediately.

How long will my results last?

The results can last 2 to 6 weeks.

How many treatments are needed?

Every treatment will exfoliate, remove the fine hairs and leave your skin glowing.

Is maintenance recommended?

We recommend monthlydermaplanes to help keep your skin strong and healthy.

Are there any other instructions?

Click here for our facials post care instructions.

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