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Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail fungus is due to an infection of dermatophytes. The affected nail is thick, yellow or brown, and can be foul smelling. Factors that contribute to becoming infected include poor personal hygiene, walking barefoot in public places, not drying off after baths or exercise, and having a weak immune system. Our Sciton Laser procedure can significantly improve nail fungus by heating and killing the fungus deeper than any topical treatment can get, and it is much safer than any oral medication you can take for this annoying and unsightly condition. Results can be seen after 8 to 12 treatments. When your nails look healthy again, you will wish you had done this years ago.

Nail Fungus FAQ

Does it hurt?

The nails will feel warm but as soon as they get hot, we stop the treatment.

How long does an appointment take?

The appointment requires less than 30 minutes.

Is there any recovery time?

There is no recovery time needed.

When are the effects visible?

The results are seen in 3-6 months, depending on how long it takes your nails to grow out. When new nails grow is when you will see the effects.

How many treatments are needed?

We recommend 8 to 12 treatments, depending on the severity of the infection.

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