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We would love to hear about your own personal experience with Dr. Tsitsis and the team at Rejuvenation MD® Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center. Please feel free to leave a review for us at any of the following sites. Thank you!


What our patients are saying about us:

“Thank you for the wonderful work you have done on my face. I am so happy with my skin after the facial treatment, I can’t wait to continue with more.”(*)

“Your kindness, gentle care and attention to detail are greatly appreciated.”(*)

“Thank you for the wonderful work that you do. I am so happy with my legs and face after your magic.”(*)

“I am so thankful to have met you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.”(*)

“Your care, kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.”(*)

“Thanks for being fun and ay every time I see you.”(*)

“The staff at RMD are angels.”(*)

“You have a beautiful facility and a comprehensive menu. I love the results the ZO products have given me so far.”(*)

“Love these guys! Every treatment has been done precisely with care and attention”(*)

“Extremely professional and knowledge care in a clean and comfortable environment. Highly recommended!!!”(*)

“Your professionalism is impeccable and so refreshing in today’s society! Thank You!”(*)

“I saw a picture of myself from 15 years ago and you guys have maintained the integrity of my skin it’s so wonderful.”(*)

“Very friendly and professional. It felt like I was having my procedure at home with my own personal nurse.(*)

“Coming to you, I feel like I’ve arrived. Your professionalism is incredible.”(*)

“I wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you, Rebecca. Your approach to my specific acne issues impressed me immensely. You restored “my faith” in mankind!!! There is no doubt you will definitely be the person I use for facials, both in the good times and bad times! I will certainly recommend you to my friends!”(*)

“I love Andi! She is so sweet, very calming and most of all extremely knowledgeable! She fits perfectly in your organization! I loved the Oxygen Facial which I am hoping is what my skin needs at this point. Andi and I talked about the BBL/Laser and how effective they are; She set up a daily skin regimen for me so will see if that also helps. I met Dr. Krusniak today. Also another perfect “fit” in your organization.”(*)

“Julene, I just want to thank you again for a very pleasant experience and an outstanding job well done. Both your talent and strong knowledge base are greatly appreciated and certainly not taken for granted.”

HydraFacial MD®/Dermaplaning:

“My skin glowed after just one treatment.”(*)

“I saw my friends skin just after you did her treatment and I want to schedule what she had.”(*)

“My son had a Hydrafacial by Rebecca 2 days ago. His skin looks amazing even within the first 2 days. He has had acne for a long time and now it is clearing up. He is super happy.”(*)


“My skin is clearer and brighter. Now I don’t need to wear any foundation or cover up for my dark spots.”(*)

“I have tried so many procedures in the past and I have seen more improvement with just one of the BBLs than several of the others.”(*)

“I am so happy with the results of my IPL treatment! My sun spots are gone after 1 treatment! The treatment itself was mildly uncomfortable (like rubber band snaps) and felt like a sunburn for about an hour afterwards. There was no flaking or peeling and I was able to go to work that evening, without anyone noticing I had anything done. The sun spots darkened and came to the surface over the course of a few days, then they came off when I washed my face. I highly recommend having this treatment done! You will be amazed! Everyone comments on how fresh & youthful my skin looks. Dr. Tianna is really great (careful, gentle, and has a wonderful personality) – you will love her!”(*)


“I don’t have the mean mommy look anymore.”(*)

“My husband can’t tell when I’m mad at him now. Not sure if that’s good or bad.”(*)

“My husband wants Botox now that he sees how much younger I look since starting Botox.”(*)

“I’ve only had Botox twice and you (Dr. Tsitsis) were the BEST. It lifted my eyebrows and just made me feel happy.”(*)

“Dr. Tianna Tsitsis did my Botox for the first time and I am sooooo impressed! She got lines that my other spa couldn’t get. I will always go to her for all my skin care needs.”(*)

“Dr. Tsitsis was so gentle with the needle. I didn’t even feel it when I was getting Botox. I love my results and am now addicted!”(*)


“You have given me so much confidence that now I can go to my family Christmas feeling great about myself and how I look.”(*)

“People couldn’t believe how good I looked at my son’s wedding. I felt like a celebrity with all the attention I got.”(*)

“I wanted to send a big THANK YOU to Dr. Kerry. AMAZING JOB, very happy with results!!”(*)

“You are a miracle worker. I looked at my picture from 10 years ago and now I look like that, so natural. I wouldn’t have believed injecting my cheeks would have done this. You are an artist. (post filler)”(*)

“Thank you again for your help with my aging face!!! A little bruising and swelling, but almost nothing. I am so HAPPY and grateful Tianna… I came to the right person!!!”(*)


“I can fit into jeans I haven’t worn in 3 years.”(*)

“Thank you so much for my treatments in the last few months in my quest for the perfect mother of the bride body. You have been so helpful and friendly. It’s really been fun coming in and getting to know you. I absolutely love my results.”(*)

“I can wear my gold dress from years ago without seeing my bra fat or muffin top.”(*)

“My entire center of gravity has changed.”(*)

“CoolSculpting gave me a kick start to get myself back on track with my diet and going to the gym.”(*)

“I saw Dr. Tsitsis for a Coolsculpt session for fat reduction. Her clinic is very clean, professional, and so relaxing. You basically sit on a soft, padded recliner for an hour while the machine freezes away fat. It’s painless during the procedure. I read a book while it was happening. I’ve only had mild soreness/numbness since then. Looking forward to seeing my abs again 🙂 Definitely see Dr. Tsitsis for this. Her customer service and staff are top notch.”(*)

“CoolSculpting worked! Dr. Tsitsis is friendly and listened to what my needs and wants are and went through an entire program of options in order for me to achieve my goals and I didn’t feel rushed at all. I would highly recommend her as the results I got changed in one area changed my life.”(*)

“I’m so glad I did it!! The best thing about it is that the fat won’t ever come back!!!!!!! Clothes fit better and I can go sleeveless again :)”(*)

“After one treatment with CoolSculpting, I lost 2 sizes. (I was an 8-10 and now I am a 6)”(*)

Acne Treatments

“I am so happy. I usually have to bring clindamycin topical w me on trips but since starting BBLs I haven’t needed to use it at all, and I even went on a trip! Also, I had 2 people stop me in the street and asked me: “What are you using on your face? It looks great”. I told them I come to RejuvenationMD for BBL treatments and one of them wanted to come with the next time I came over. So we are coordinating a day to come together.”(*)


“My husband looked at me and said “You look fresher”. I had a lot of yellow ugly spots on my face and you took them all away. I had bad burn marks from a heating pad on my back and after just 1 month of Melamin, Melamix and Retin A they are gone!”(*)

“After my halo, my skin is glowing again.”(*)

Laser for Nail Fungus

“I’m so pleased with my results. I’ve told all my friends about it!”(*)


“I am extremely happy with my CoolSculpting results thus far. I only had it 1 month ago and am already seeing a 2 inch reduction around my abdominal area. I am also quite optimistic about my PRP facial results because I am already feeling results (and it has only been less than 1 week).”(*)

“As for the O shot and P shot, I have really enjoyed the results. These treatments have revived my sex life. I have more sensations and decreased vaginal dryness. My husband can sustain erections better now (he is 85). As for the wellness program, Progesterone has helped my libido and my sleep is better. I also have less pressure in my abdomen and overall just feel healthier.”(*)


“l LOVE my skin. It has never looked so beautiful and my pores have never been so small.”(*)

Wellness Program

“You are so refreshing to talk to! I am like a “sponge” when it comes to learning about supplements! Now with my skin, and other issues, it is even more insightful learning about all of this! I very much like your approach as Dr. T said I would!"(*)

(*)Results and patient experience may vary.

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"We tailor the experience to every person...
this is not a cookie-cutter practice. Each face and body has different challenges and different solutions. Deciding on the right solution is an art. Creating the most beautiful results is an art unto itself.”

- Tianna Tsitsis, MD

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