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Energy & Stress Management

Energy is the active strength of the mind or body which fuels our ability to exert effort.  We all want to have enough of this vital force to feel good and accomplish the tasks we set out for the day.  There are hosts of medical reasons and lifestyle choices that can contribute to a loss of energy or what is broadly called fatigue.  Here at RejuvenationMD we can sort through the causes and give you treatment options that will restore your previous energy or even bring you up to levels greater than previously experienced.

Exhaustion is not a normal side-effect of aging that you have to simply live with.  Tiredness is not the only expression of fatigue.   Other symptoms of fatigue might include weakness, skeletal muscle aches and pains, weight gain or loss, lack of focus and mental clarity, memory loss, depression or other emotional instability, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, changes in digestion and elimination.

In fact, ignoring these symptoms and trying to will yourself through periods of stress may lead to more serious health consequences down the road that, in turn, feed the cycle of fatigue, creating an unnecessary downward spiral.

The physicians and staff at RejuvenationMD are committed to providing solutions to give you the vitality and zeal for life that is absolutely possible.

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