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One patient’s experience, individual results may vary.

Target aging at the molecular level to treat just about any skin concern.

Sciton’s BBL® HERO™ is the Ferrari of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments. This innovative technology delivers light therapy to target signs of aging like brown spots, sun damage, redness and multitude of other skin conditions. How is the BBL HERO, IPL treatment, different from other IPL treatments? It’s clinically proven to restore the gene expression in older skin to resemble younger skin. It safely and comfortably delivers exceptional results, leaving skin brighter and healthier.


What does it treat?

BBL HERO treats rosacea, redness, age spots, scars, port wine stains, freckles, unwanted birthmarks, lax skin, spider vein treatment, permanent hair reduction, acne, straie, and warts.

How long do results last?

Visible results from your BBL HERO can last a year or more. However, it’s anti-aging benefits occur at the DNA level of your skin for long-term skin health.

Recovery time & side effects?

After your treatment, you may be slightly pink for an hour or so. However, this should quickly subside. There is no downtime, meaning you can resume normal activities after treatment. To optimize your results, minimize sun exposure and wear a physical UV sunscreen.

How does it work?

BBL HERO uses Broadband Light to address the signs of aging at every level of the skin. We typically recommend an initial series of three to six BBL treatments spaced four to six weeks apart followed by a maintenance routine. However, your provider will prescribe the appropriate treatment plan to achieve your goals.

Does it hurt?

Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. Generally, there may be minor discomfort with this treatment. We offer integrated cooling technology to help. You can also request topical numbing and/or Pro-Nox™ to maximize the comfort of your experience.

What is the procedure time? 

A treatment is less than 60 minutes.

Who is a good candidate?

Your provider will assess your skin and determine if BBL HERO is right for you.

What are the results I can expect?

Results depend on your treatment. Generally, you can expect to see clearer, firmer more youthful-looking skin.

For pre and post-care instructions go to “Patient Info” and click on BBL HERO.

BBL HERO for face and body
BBL HERO treatment for face and body
IPL Treatment | Forever Young BBL Application

Real life patient stories

“I’ve had three BBL treatments and my rosacea redness is hardly recognizable. I no longer need to apply coverup and foundation. My complexion is clear and glowing. The first treatment, I had mild swelling, redness and coffee ground brown spots, all resolved in a day or two. Second and third treatments mild blotching that evening only. No after procedure discomfort at all. Very pleased with the results and will continue occasional maintenance treatments.”