Thread Lift Before and After

Thread Lift Before and After | Before Picture
Thread Lift Before and After | After Picture




One patient’s experience, individual results may vary.

A patient favorite!  Safe, long-lasting results that restructure treatment areas with new collagen and elastin.

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are incredibly safe and versatile. Our physicians trained with the best in the industry to learn how to achieve the very best results. Subsequently, the thread lift has become one of our more popular treatments because we can add threads to enhance the results of many other procedures. For instance, we add them to the Vampire Breast Lift®, the Vampire Face Lift® and we can use them in tandem with Botox® to smooth lines and add volume. Because there are no contraindications to PDO threads, we can use them anywhere on the body to achieve desired contour, lift and volume.


What does it treat?

PDO threads can help tighten loose skin on the abdomen, lift the breasts, sculpt the jawline, give lips more shape, reduce the appearance of lines, improve wrinkles and lift and tighten the face and neck. We can also use threads to reduce laxity above the knees and elbows. If you need natural-looking, long-lasting lift and volume, PDO threads are key.

Does it hurt?

Depending on the treatment, we use ice, topical numbing cream, or localized injections. If necessary, we also offer Pro-NOX™. Many patients find PDO thread treatments to be very tolerable.

How long do results last?

Results can last up to 2 years or longer.

How does it work?

PDO threads are made of Polydioxanone, the same material that is used in dissolvable sutures. Your physician will recommend the appropriate type and number of threads to achieve your goals. We may apply topical numbing or inject lidocaine before inserting the threads into the dermis or epidermis layer of the skin. Once inserted we will fasten the threads to reposition the skin. Note: smooth threads do not reposition the skin they only add volume. After thread placement, the body begins to generate new collagen and elastin over the next three to six months. As the threads dissolve the treatment area maintains its shape with the brand new tissue you just developed.

What is the procedure time? 

Treatments can take anywhere from 5 to 90 minutes depending on the treatment area and your goals. With certain treatments, we recommend two treatments over the course of six to eight weeks for optimal results.

Who is a good candidate?

The ideal candidate uses PDO threads to prevent the signs of aging. If you’re noticing the signs of gravity, treat early to begin the bio-stimulatory process of new collagen and elastin development. We do not recommend PDO threads for people who have thin and/or very loose skin.

When can I expect results?

You’ll notice immediate lift, but it takes time for your body to generate collagen and elastin. Most treatments yield results in three to five months when collagen has developed.

Recovery time & side effects?

There is no downtime although there may be slight bruising and minor swelling. Your physician will provide aftercare instructions according to your treatment.

For post-care instructions go to “Patient Info” and click on PDO Threads.

Physician makes pilot hole to place 3 PDO threads on the right side of a patient's face.
Physician is placing PDO thread along the jawline to reduce the appearance of jowls.
Final PDO thread gets place on the right side of a patients face by a trained physician.

Real life patient stories

“I got a PDO thread face lift and the following day my friend noticed how defined my jawline was. 4 months later and I absolutely LOVE how lifted my face looks! Thank you Dr. T!”