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Fat Loss & Diet


There are a multitude of fat loss myths that might actually be preventing you from losing your fat!  Many diet plans actually have longterm detrimental impacts on your metabolism, making it harder to keep fat off. Some programs are simply too difficult to become a permanent way of eating.  Let our experts at RejuvenationMD help you find the formula for success that is unique to you.

Our program includes a comprehensive medical approach of lifestyle modification, exercise recommendation, lab testing, and appropriate supplement and prescription interventions tailored to your specific needs. 

Often plans are not sustainable, the weight comes back or the methodology creates a multitude of other health issues.  We can address the myths and pitfalls that you may have experienced to ensure lasting success.  Our goal is to equip you with the tools to easily create and maintain a lifetime of ideal body composition.

Recommendations may include specialized testing and hormone treatments as well.  We can help you be lean, strong, and well.  At RejuvenationMD, the goal of fat loss is never simply to look better (though you will!) but to be better AND healthier.

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For those of you who think you may be at an ideal body “weight” and do not need to loose fat, we can enhance your nutrition choices and lifestyle practices to ensure you are getting everything you need to remain strong and healthy.  Optimizing your diet now means taking control of the aging process so you are not struggling to correct symptoms of imbalance later.

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"We tailor the experience to every person...
this is not a cookie-cutter practice. Each face and body has different challenges and different solutions. Deciding on the right solution is an art. Creating the most beautiful results is an art unto itself.”

- Tianna Tsitsis, MD

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