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Halo Pro Hybrid Fractional Laser

Halo Pro precisely targets years of damage that has aged your skin.

Procedure Highlights

  • Treat hyperpigmentation.
  • Generate new collagen.
  • Improve skin's tone & texture.

Halo Pro eliminates years of damage by precisely targeting the right depth. It restores the luminous glow you had when you were younger. Discoloration, sun damage, uneven skin tone and texture, enlarged pores, fine lines, and scars can all be significantly improved with just one treatment. 

The Science Behind Halo™ Pro

Over time, your skin can lose its youthful glow due to sun exposure and your body’s natural aging process. As a result, your body may develop sunspots, fine lines, and lose that natural healthy glow. Yesterday’s lasers couldn’t effectively remove this damage because the treatment was either too shallow or too deep.

Everyone’s skin is different.  Halo Pro is a customizable treatment we can tailor to the needs of your skin. Depending on your needs, your provider may preform a light treatment to smooth and rejuvenate skin. Or, if your goal is to even skin tone, treat hyperpigmentation and reduce pore size, your clinician may recommend a more intense treatment that requires a few days of downtime. 

With Halo Pro, you don’t have to choose – you get it all. In the past, you had to choose between a procedure that offered really great results but required a lengthy recovery, or a procedure with a fast recovery but marginal results. Now with Halo Pro you get the best of both worlds–great results with minimal downtime. Halo Pro combines deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal renewal for a synergistic effect you can’t get with other laser treatments.

Before and After images of sun damage removal
One patient’s experience, results may vary.

Are you ready for beautiful results without the downtime of more aggressive treatments? Schedule a complimentary medical assessment with RejuvenationMD®— Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center by contacting our Bellingham office 360-685-8408, or our Burlington office 360-982-2620.

*One Patient’s Experience/Individual Results May Vary.

Your Treatment 

Your treatment may last between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the recommendations of your provider. Thirty minutes to an hour before the treatment your clinician will place a topical anesthetic on your skin to reduce the sensation during the procedure.

What can I expect during treatment?
The clinician at RejuvenationMD will uniformly roll the Halo Pro hand-piece over the skin until the system has reached the desired depth. This measured, motion-tracking technology ensures even and complete treatment. 

What does treatment feel like?
With a topical anesthetic and integrated cooling technology, most patients experience very little discomfort. Most patients describe the treatment as a feeling of heat with occasional prickling sensations, but are generally comfortable. After the treatment, most patients will continue to feel warm until the heat dissipates. A cool compress will help, though the inflammation you’re experiencing is good for collagen renewal.

How many Halo Pro treatments do I need?
What’s great about Halo Pro is that it’s customizable to your goals. Your clinician will recommend a treatment plan based on your objectives. Perhaps you opt for a few aggressive treatments, or maybe you schedule a less aggressive, multi-treatment plan. Either way, our experts will give you options that work with your lifestyle and needs.

When can I resume normal activity?
For the first 24 hours you should keep your skin protected according to your clinician’s instructions, but after that you should be able to go about your normal activities. After the first 24 hours your skin will begin to peel, but you will be able to put on makeup. You will see very little change on the first day. After two to three days you will develop a light bronzing appearance. By day three or four your skin will peel, revealing brand new skin beneath. Do not exfoliate or force off peeling skin. Let it shed naturally, so you heal optimally.

The benefits
Halo Pro is a complete skin rejuvenation treatment. You will see improvements in overall tone and texture in addition to significant removal of discoloration, reduction in fine lines, reduced pore size, skin reflectivity and glow.

When will I see results?
Initial results can occur between two and five days after your Halo Pro treatment (depending on the intensity), but your skin will continue to improve over time. Most patients see the greatest pigmentary improvement in the first two to three weeks. This is followed by a dermal regeneration phase that continues to improve for months.

How long will my results last?
Your Halo Pro results will last for years to come, but you should continue to keep your skin protected at all times using a physical UV sunscreen to protect your new, healthy skin. Each additional Halo Pro treatment you get will only improve your results.

Is there anything else I should know?
Click here for our Halo Pro post care instructions.

Before and After images of Halo Pro treatment
One patient’s experience, results may vary.

Restore remove years of sun damage and restore youthful looking with Halo Pro. Schedule a complimentary medical assessment with RejuvenationMD®— Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center by contacting our Bellingham office 360-685-8408, or our Burlington office 360-982-2620.

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*One Patient’s Experience/ Individual Results May Vary.

*One Patient's Experience/Individual Results May Vary.

*One Patient's Experience/Individual Results May Vary.
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