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RejuvenationMD’s highly trained staff of Master Estheticians are here to help you restore the natural glow to your skin without the downtime of more aggressive procedures.

Our Signature Facial multi-step treatment protocol that is designed to create radiant, firm, and even skin tone while you slip into a blissful state of relaxation.
Procedure Highlights:
–Fast and easy treatment with no downtime
–Relaxing and soothing
–Strengthens the skin gradually

Each facial includes a double cleanse to remove environmental impurities and makeup. Then, your master esthetician will apply a custom AHA/BHA tincture to exfoliate dead skin cells and debris that will bring lasting results.

Extractions will be performed to purge the pores of impurities and toner will be added to restore the skins neutral PH. By applying the combination of citric, salicylic, and lactic acids, your skin will appear brighter, clearer, and your pores will be visibly smaller. (We can also provide excellent results without the use of a chemical peel if you so desire, customizing the treatment plan to your specific desires and your skin’s needs.)

Rich serums in antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, coenzymes, arbutin, and green tea will feed the skin the nutrients it needs to give a radiant glow. Custom treatment masques can be added, providing the perfect balance of soothing ingredients that will give you even better results. A moisturizer packed with peptides and ceramides will seal in the vitamins and minerals providing the finishing touch.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types and conditions and will be customized for your skin. We also offer anti-aging, brightening, and acne add-on options as well as sophisticated hydrating formulations for dry/sensitive skin.  

Facial FAQ

How long does an appointment take?

An appointment requires about 30 to 90 minutes.

Is there any recovery time?

There is no recovery time needed.

When are the effects visible?

The effects are apparent immediately.

How long will my results last?

The results last 2 to 6 weeks.

How many treatments are needed?

Every treatment will strengthen your skin leaving it healthier every time, leaving your skin with a beautiful glow.

Is maintenance recommended?

We recommend biweekly to monthly facials to help keep your skin strong and healthy.

Are there any other instructions?

Click here for our facials post care instructions.

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"We tailor the experience to every person...
this is not a cookie-cutter practice. Each face and body has different challenges and different solutions. Deciding on the right solution is an art. Creating the most beautiful results is an art unto itself.”

- Tianna Tsitsis, MD

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