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Fillers improve the appearance of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds by adding volume and fullness to your skin for an immediate effect. They are a popular non surgical way to lessen the signs of aging and help to lift your skin naturally. Using the latest in technology, we are able to perform this procedure painlessly, without the need for injectable numbing medication. We offer Belotero®, Radiesse® as well as multiple varieties of Juvederm® including Juvederm Voluma. Approved for use in the midface, it will provide the definition to your cheeks you have always wanted.

Belotero and the Juvederm products are composed of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is found in our skin naturally (but one that lessens as we age) causing a decrease in our skin volume and hydration. These reversible injectables replenish our stores of hyaluronic acid, providing fullness and elasticity back to our skin. Because hyaluronic acid is inherent in each of us, the filler material is gradually absorbed into the body over time.

Radiesse contains synthetic material called calcium hydroxyapatite that is suspended in a gel carrier. Your body will degrade and metabolize this product over a much longer period of time than the hyaluronic acid fillers. During this time, this semi permanent injectable stimulates collagen formation itself, contributing to improved viscosity and elasticity of your skin, leading to a more youthful appearance.

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Fillers FAQ

Question: Does it hurt?
Answer: We use numbing cream, ice packs and a special technique to help ease the discomfort associated with the procedure.

Question: How long does an appointment take?
Answer: An appointment requires 30 to 60 minutes.

Question: Is there any recovery time?
Answer: The only recovery time there may be would be from bruising and it depends on your skin’s propensity towards that.

Question: When are the effects visible?
Answer: The effects are apparent immediately.

Question: How long will my results last?
Answer: The longevity of your results depends on the filler being used and the location it is being used in. Typically, fillers are visible for 6 to 24 months.

Question: Are there any other instructions?
Answer: Click here for our fillers pre and post care instructions.

Question: Where can I find more information?
Answer: Click one of the following links for more information: www.belotero.com | www.juvederm.com | www.radiesse.com

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