Nonsurgical Breast Enhancement Options: A Safer Approach to Breast Implants

When we think about breast augmentation, we initially think breast implants. The topic of breast implants — who has them, who might have them, how people feel about them — is a constant subject of conversation in magazines, on the internet, on TV, and all around the world. But with the rise of nonsurgical aesthetics, we now have a safer, natural way to enhance the breasts.

We treat patients from all over the United States who are looking for nonsurgical breast enhancement options and aren’t willing to risk the chance of getting breast implant illness. As a nonsurgical medical aesthetics practice, we’re committed to utilizing advanced technology to achieve the very best results for our patients via safe, natural, and regenerative medical solutions.

Thus, we offer a variety of nonsurgical breast enhancement options that are safe and effective at creating natural looking results. Because we use regenerative medicine like platelet-rich plasma when performing the Vampire Breast Lift, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes such as an increase in an A to D cup. For patients wanting that guarantee, we suggest they see a surgeon. However, it’s particularly important and personal for us that patients understand the risks associated with breast implants.

The Risk of Breast Implant Illness

Why take the natural route to breast enhancement? Breast Implant Illness (BII) is caused by the body’s reaction to the materials in implants, known as Silicone Implant Incompatibility Syndrome (SIIS). This reaction to silicone can result in autoimmune disorders like Shoenfeld’s syndrome where women experience a range of symptoms from fatigue, to joint pain to cognitive impairment and even cancer.

We’re personally dedicated to helping women understand the risks of BII, since this issue hits close to home. One of our Master Estheticians, Misty Thomas, had an intensely dangerous experience with BII that changed her life.

Years before joining RejuvenationMD, after getting implants, Misty was busy running her own aesthetic business when she began experiencing extreme fatigue and pain all over her body. Her symptoms became so unmanageable that she could barely get out of bed and was forced to close her business. Doctors diagnosed her with fibromyalgia, but in doing her research she learned of a Facebook forum of women with implants experiencing symptoms that mirrored her own.

Unfortunately, at that time, Breast Implant Illness wasn’t recognized by the medical community. When women asked if their breast implants may be causing their symptoms, doctors dismissed the possibility. However, Dr. Tervaert, a rheumatologist of 25 years and autoimmune disease expert, noticed the correlation of autoimmune symptoms and patients with breast implants. He began researching how silicone affected the body and noticed that as women with Breast Implant Illness underwent breast explants, their immune function improved and their symptoms went away.

Committed to raising awareness about BII, Tervaert spent years publishing his findings in medical journals and speaking before panels about the connection between silicone and the autoimmune diseases these patients were experiencing. Yet, the medical community still needed more evidence to prove the connection between implants and autoimmune diseases.

Finally, in 2019, the FDA authorized a study of 99,993 patients who had implants and suffered from autoimmune diseases. In 2021, they published a consumer protection article outlining the risks associated with implants and a directive for surgeons to fully communicate these risks to their patients.

This change in formal protocol can be attributed to the collective of women in Misty’s Facebook group and Dr. Tevaert’s unwavering commitment to push for increased education and transparency around the risks of breast implants.

Nonsurgical Options to Avoid the Risk of Breast Implant Illness

When there are safer, natural options to breast enhancement, why not try those before undergoing the risk of surgery? One of RejuvenationMD’s go-to treatments for breast enhancement is the Vampire Breast Lift® (VBL) which increases the volume of breasts and adds lift without surgery. Injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the breasts stimulates the generation of new tissue. PRP is highly effective at generating new adipose tissue which is the primary component of breast tissue.

We’ve helped countless women naturally increase their cup size just with PRP injections. Some women experience an increase of one cup size while others can increase by two and sometimes three cup sizes. As mentioned, we cannot predict the size increase. Every body is unique and therefore, the body’s response is as well. When platelet-rich plasma is injected into the nipples, not only can it generate new nipple tissue, but it also generates new nerve endings to increase sensitivity. The treatment also corrects inverted nipples.

For patients wanting to add symmetry and shape to their breasts, we can add dermal filler to the areas that need more fullness before injecting PRP. Filler provides an immediate result and can last one to two years.

And, for patients who are seeking to tighten and lift their breasts, we combine PRP injections with PDO threads and/or Scarlet SRF treatments.

Who is a Candidate for the Vampire Breast Lift?

The Vampire Breast Lift is best suited for women with smaller breasts. Prior to treatment the patient is numbed to make the PRP injections more comfortable. After treatment, the breasts will be tender for about a week. Wearing two sports bras adds extra support so patients can comfortably resume normal activity.

After the PRP is absorbed by the body, the growth factors begin generating new tissue, blood vessels, and nerve endings. This process can take between three and five months depending on the patient’s body. Some patients only need one PRP treatment, while others are treated annually. Treatment protocol depends on the goals of the patient.

For patients with larger breasts who want lift, the Vampire Breast Lift/ PRP breast lift therapy is not recommended. Instead, we recommend the Scarlet Breast Lift and/or a PDO thread breast lift. Both PDO threads and Scarlet are also regenerative treatments that can naturally lift the breasts without surgery, but they do not increase breast size.

Why Consider a PDO Thread Breast Lift?

We use molded PDO threads, a minimum of six threads per side for optimal results. PDO threads give an immediate lift that improves over the next three to five months. These threads are made from the same biostimulatory material as dissolvable sutures.

As the threads dissolve, they’re replaced by the body’s collagen, elastin, and fibrin, restructuring the breasts in an upright position. The threads are placed in a specific plane between the skin and muscle so they cannot be seen or felt. Prior to placement, our experts inject lidocaine for a more comfortable treatment. We also offer Pro-Nox (nitrous) to help the patient relax.

A PDO thread lift treatment can take less than an hour. There is no downtime, but patients will be sore for a week or two afterwards. Similar to the Vampire Breast Lift, wearing two sports bras can help provide additional support. We do not want you to jump or perform strenuous exercise for two weeks or so until the threads are encapsulated by your body.

What is the Scarlet SRF Breast Lift?

Another effective, nonsurgical way to achieve lift is to get a Scarlet breast lift. Scarlet SRF is the leading radio frequency microneedling device in the aesthetic industry that is safe for all skin types. The combination of microneedling and radio frequency tightens skin and delivers superior lift by generating new collagen and elastin. New collagen will improve the tone and texture of the breasts, treating stretch marks, laxity, and minimizing any scar tissue.

Patients are numbed with a potent topical numbing cream and given Pro-Nox to help make the treatment comfortable. After treatment, the breasts will be red (a minor windburn appearance) and there could be some tenderness. However, both will resolve in a day or two. In three to six months patients will begin seeing noticeable tightening and lift. Scarlet improves the strength and integrity of the skin, perfect for those who want more firmer, lifted cleavage.

The Nonsurgical Breast Enhancement Trifecta

When patients are seeking increased lift, improved shape, and added volume, our experts recommend combining the Vampire Breast Lift with PDO threads and Scarlet SRF for optimal results. Results can be seen in three to five months as the patient’s body stimulates the growth of new collagen, elastin, tissue and nerve endings.

Advanced aesthetic technology has opened the door to a variety of nonsurgical breast enhancement options, eliminating the risks of surgery. More so, nonsurgical solutions eliminate the risks associated with breast implants. Treatments are safe, affordable and there is no downtime.

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