This time of year can be both invigorating and challenging. After the last few years, we are all in need of some serious TLC, so make “2023 the year for me”.

Studies show that Americans are desperate for normalcy. In October 2022, the American Psychology Association found that over a quarter of people in the US were so stressed they couldn’t function. After being overworked, overstressed, and overstimulated by the deluge of changing headlines since 2020, it’s time we give our nervous and endocrine systems a break. As we make resolutions for the new year ahead, at RejuvenationMD we are choosing to go all in on self-care to feel happier and more empowered in 2023.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “Self-care means taking the time to do things that help you live well and improve both your physical health and mental health.” Whether you’re in school, working full-time, raising a family, or retired, self-care is important at every stage of life, but each stage has its own obstacles that can prevent you from being a priority.

If you feel like you’re no longer doing the things that enhance your life, like attending a fitness class, getting your nails done, or keeping your Botox® appointment, start by making those things that bring you joy a priority. It can be especially beneficial to keep your commitments during times of increased stress when you’re most likely to put your own priorities on the back burner. Have you ever regretted a good workout? Chances are you’ve felt more empowered to handle stressors after a workout or an appointment focused solely on self-care.

Reframe Your Inner Narrative with Gratitude

Part of being bold about self-care is establishing a habit of gratitude that includes positive self-talk to help improve self-confidence. As we know, negative self-talk can instantly change the outlook of an entire day. The beauty is, the same is true for positive self-talk.

To practice seeing yourself in a positive light, revisit the basics and remember that our body is what allows us to ferry the kids to and from practice, ski, bike, go for hikes, or simply walk the dog. Our body is the conduit for us to do the things we love.

Unfortunately, we don’t always see life through this lens of gratitude and realize how phenomenal we actually are. When we first meet new patients it’s common to hear, “I wish I had…,” fill in the blank: bigger breasts, slimmer abs, a firmer neck, clearer skin, etc. If there’s a persistent internal narrative that is engaging in negative self-talk, no number of services (surgical or nonsurgical) will help someone feel happier, inspired, and empowered until they adopt a more approving inner dialogue.

What many patients don’t realize is that most of our treatment outcomes depend on the incredible nature of the body to achieve their goals (the very body they wish was different).

For instance, to increase breast size, we take the platelet-rich plasma from our patient’s blood and inject it to generate new breast tissue to increase size. To tighten and lift the neck and face, we deploy non-invasive collagen remodeling treatments like Sofwave™ that stimulate fibroblast activity resulting in tighter, firmer, more lifted treatment areas. From body contouring to hair restoration to vaginal rejuvenation, the majority of our services rely on the natural bio-stimulatory functions of the body to achieve results.

Our nonsurgical treatments improve bodily function, resolving stress-urinary incontinence or strengthening the core to reduce back pain. But they also improve balance, definition, contour, and shape to enhance physical appearance and help boost self-esteem, which is equally important.

If you’re in a cycle of negative self-talk, focus on your ability to take the kids to soccer practice, walk the dog, cook, write or hike. Shifting the focus to what you do well reframes the internal dialogue to center on gratitude. When we create a positive feedback loop affirming self-worth, it produces physiological benefits that range from improvements in immune function to better cardiovascular health. Positive self-talk also improves our mental well-being, happiness, and self-confidence.

Celebrate the Small Victories

At RejuvenationMD we’re proud of our culture of care. It is focused on helping patients feel amazing about themselves and their bodies. As Dr. Tsitsis (AKA, Dr. T), founder of RejuvenationMD, always says, “more self-confidence leads to an increase in overall happiness and motivation, which can result in more productivity and increased longevity.” Every body is unique, and that  is one of the best things about our area of expertise. We get to help patients see and feel their individual beauty every day.

“Our patients send us letters thanking us for the time we spend listening, the level of care we provide, and the quality of treatments we use to achieve their goals,” says Dr. T. “From improving the integrity and health of their skin to helping restore youthful volume and contour, the techniques and technology we’re using to help our patients feel more comfortable in their bodies results in an overt increase in confidence and self-worth. We hear it and see it in the way [our patients carry themselves when they leave their appointments, and especially after they see their before and after photos.”

Feeling confident in your appearance helps reinforce positive self-esteem. But keeping a positive outlook is a daily practice that ebbs and flows with our circumstances. If you find yourself overwhelmed by external events, stop and celebrate the small victories. Just showing up to an appointment that’s solely for your well-being is a win worth celebrating!

Self-care is a commitment to prioritize YOU. In 2023, make time to fill your cup, work on your happiness, and be patient with yourself along the way. As they say, if you don’t put your needs first, you won’t be able to help fill the needs of others.

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