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About BOTOX® Cosmetic

Young happy woman with a beautiful smile in a stylish T-shirt in a coat is standing and enjoying the orange sunset in the city near the houses. Joyful girl model relaxes in the sun. Sunny weekend.
BOTOX® Cosmetic is a neuromodulator that works by blocking the signals between muscles and nerves in the treatment area, allowing underlying structure to soften and overlying skin to smooth. (more…)

CoolTone™ for Body Contouring

Abdomen, hips, and thighs of toned womanCoolTone™ is a body contouring treatment from CoolSculpting® that tones, strengthens, and firms muscles in the mid and lower body. Utilizing Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, CoolTone™ penetrates below the fat layer to produce multiple muscle contractions in succession. Creating around 20,000 contractions in a single 30-minute session, CoolTone™ is able to work the muscles in ways not possible through traditional forms of exercise, thereby significantly improving results. (more…)

What’s the Difference Between Fat Loss and Weight Loss?

Image of a woman demonstrating her weight loss in a too-large pair of jeansOftentimes, when we step on the scale and see a slight increase or decrease in our weight, we assume we’ve lost or gained body fat, but the reality is not that cut and dry. There’s a big difference between losing weight (which is the sum of your muscles, bones, organs, fluids, body fat and more) and shedding body fat to achieve your fitness and aesthetic goals.

Our New Health and Safety Protocols

gloved hands spray and wipe a glass surfaceAt RejuvenationMD® – Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center, the wellbeing of our patients and staff are our top priorities. During this time, you can feel confident that we are taking every precaution possible to ensure you remain safe and healthy when visiting our offices.

In accordance with CDC and State of Washington guidelines, we are taking practical, proactive steps to create a safe environment for all our patients and staff. Please read the following information to help you prepare for your visit to our office and know what to expect once you’ve arrived for your procedure.

At-Home Ways to Feel Confident and Beautiful For Mother’s Day

Happy woman laughs with a cheerful child

Motherhood is always a labor of love, but as we approach Mother’s Day in the shadow of COVID-19 lockdowns, many mothers are working harder than ever. In addition to being loving, nurturing caregivers, today’s mothers are now home-school teachers, delivery drivers for elderly loved ones, work-from-home professionals, and virtual emotional support systems to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. (more…)

3 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Skin In Check Under Stress

Woman after treatments for stressed skin

Many of us forget that our skin is a continuous, self-renewing organ (our largest organ in fact). The quality of our diet and our environment play a role in the health of our skin, but so does stress! This has undoubtedly been a very stressful time. Stress causes inflammation and hormonal shifts, which can result in acne outbreaks, eczema flare-ups, the over production of oily skin or conversely dehydration resulting in dry skin. Stress effects everyone differently. Read on to learn how you can take simple measures for beautiful, healthy skin.


Our Patient’s Journey Correcting Hyper-Pigmentation

A few words from Dr. T-

A friend, and patient, sent me her story to share with our clients. She struggles with hormone-related melasma and hyperpigmentation from sun damage. For years she had tried “quick cures” she found online, only to be disappointed by the lack of results and the waste of time and money. Shortly after we met, she learned there are real solutions that will temper the appearance of melasma and remove sun damage. However, these solutions require disciplined lifestyle modifications and maintenance. If you’re willing to put in the work, I guarantee you, you’ll love the results. If you identify with this story and are searching for solutions, give us a call. If you know someone who struggles with melasma and hyperpigmentation, please share this story. When we say we’re dedicated to helping our clients look and feel their best, we mean it.


Breast Implant Illness: Misty’s Journey to Wellness & Body Confidence

Woman of different sizes and races hole a sign that read every body is beautiful. In 1994, Misty Thomas decided to have breast augmentation with saline breast implants for a perkier, more voluminous bust, going from a B cup to a C. At the time, Misty owned her own successful private skincare business, but by 2010 her life began to change when she started experiencing a multitude of autoimmune symptoms. 


Turn Up the Heat – In the Bedroom That Is!

Legs intertwined in intimacy after sexual wellness treatments. The female body goes through many changes over the years—From pregnancy to perimenopause and menopause. Your sex life also fluctuates as you age. For some women it’s for the better, while others experience adverse symptoms like pain during intercourse. Men also experience a variety of changes in their sexual health and well-being. At RejuvenationMD® – Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center, we tailor sexual wellness treatments to your body to restore confidence and increase comfort and pleasure during those intimate moments. (more…)

You Asked, We Listened: New Treatments & Online Consultations

Bellingham woman talks with doctor about new cosmetic treatmentsDr. Tsitsis and our team at RejuvenationMD® – Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center take pride in offering the latest technology and most advanced cosmetic treatments available. Our patients and online following help us stay up to date on what new therapies and patient options they’d like to see at our Bellingham and Burlington offices. Well, you asked, and we listened—BuildMyBod™ – online virtual consultation and PRO-NOX™ are now available at our practice. CoolTone™ treatments to increase muscle tone are coming soon. 

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"We tailor the experience to every person...
this is not a cookie-cutter practice. Each face and body has different challenges and different solutions. Deciding on the right solution is an art. Creating the most beautiful results is an art unto itself.”

- Tianna Tsitsis, MD

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