The short answer is often “yes”

The so-called “confidence setback” is considered a universal feeling where women love being moms but can feel less attractive and less sexual.  Thankfully, there is so much a woman can do to address her body image, sexual concerns, incontinence and the appearance of the vagina.

Moms who want their youthful sexuality back don’t have time for lengthy surgical procedures or lots of downtime

Our grandmothers may have suffered in silence, thinking that their sexual self-confidence was a thing of the past.  Not today’s women!  The great news is that now vaginal rejuvenation is openly talked about in the media and among women. Social norms now encourage women to open up and share their experiences; we’ve all heard celebrities speak openly about the transformations they’ve experienced.  While some have chosen surgical solutions, most women don’t want the cost, discomfort, risk or the required recovery time after such complex surgeries.

Enter the game-changers: diVa® and O-Shot™

Modern technology has provided incredible non-surgical, no-downtime treatments to address a woman’s most intimate concerns after childbirth, menopause or other factors. diVa is a simple, 3-5-minute procedure that is customizable to your needs; rejuvenating, tightening and strengthening the vaginal canal to reduce urinary incontinence and improve sexual function. We combine diVa with the O-Shot because the O-Shot generates new glandular cells (more lubrication), new pelvic floor tissue (reducing urinary incontinence) and new blood vessels (better orgasms and healthier blood flow). And we also combine diVaTyte® to address labial atrophy, adding volume, tightening and renewing the inner and outer labia.

The science behind diVa

diVa uses HFL technology to resurface the underlying layers of the vaginal wall.  During treatment, the diVa is inserted into the vaginal canal where it precisely creates consistent tiny microchannels in the vaginal tissue which stimulates the body’s healing response. This process causes the body to create brand new, healthy tissue which improves a host of common vaginal concerns.

The science behind O-Shot

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) has become a popular solution for sexual health issues. PRP, taken from your blood, is injected into the sexual organs (clitoris, vaginal floor and labia majora) to rejuvenate the female orgasmic system, hence the name the O-Shot. Growth factors from your PRP improve the function of these tissues almost immediately. The benefits include: greater arousal from clitoral stimulation; younger, smoother vulvar skin; a tighter vaginal opening; stronger more frequent orgasms; increased libido and lubrication; less pain with intercourse, and even decreased urinary incontinence.

 If you’re struggling with any of the issues discussed in this blog, please contact us for a confidential and complimentary consultation. Our physicians and staff, many of us moms, have experienced and relate to what you may be feeling. We’re here to restore your confidence through compassionate care.