CoolTone™ is a body contouring treatment from CoolSculpting® that tones, strengthens, and firms muscles in the mid and lower body. Utilizing Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, CoolTone™ penetrates below the fat layer to produce multiple muscle contractions in succession. Creating around 20,000 contractions in a single 30-minute session, CoolTone™ is able to work the muscles in ways not possible through traditional forms of exercise, thereby significantly improving results.

Treatment Areas

CoolTone™ has been approved for use on three areas of the body:

  • The Abdomen
  • The Buttocks
  • The Thighs

Targeting the midsection of the body – from the knees to the chest – CoolTone™ is able to produce reliable results without a recovery period. It may, however, take multiple sessions to reach your goals. This will be discussed in greater detail during your time in our care.

Many patients report feeling as if they have undergone a strenuous workout after CoolTone™ treatment, but there is no downtime or limit on activities following your procedure.

You can care for yourself during this time by eating a well-balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding excessive alcohol intake. We will provide you with personalized recommendations to help ensure your experience is rewarding and your results are long-lasting.

Combining Procedures

CoolTone™ focuses on underlying muscle, producing a better defined, stronger, and more toned appearance. If muscles are obscured by a thicker layer of fat, however, these results may not be fully realized. To address this, CoolSculpting® can be added to your CoolTone™ procedure, enabling Dr. Tsitsis to produce a more appealing appearance to the entire body.

Benefits of CoolTone™ include improved strength and enhanced appearance, but it is important to remember that muscles can lose tone and new fat can accumulate if efforts are not made to maintain CoolTone™ and CoolSculpting® results. Choosing healthy foods and committing to both cardio and strength training will help prevent weight gain and muscle loss.

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