Moxi™ Laser for All Skin Types

Until now, patients with darker Fitzpatrick skin types (IV, V & VI) suffering from hyperpigmentation and/or melasma were limited by the type of treatment options available.

Today, Sciton’s Moxi laser is breaking boundaries to make healthy, glowing skin accessible to everyone. Moxi is a low-level laser that is safe for all ages and skin types. It is an effective anti-aging preventative that is part of a year-round healthy skin care regimen.

Can Moxi Laser Help Melasma?

Yes! Patients with brown and black skin are more prone to developing melasma, hyperpigmentation and/or dark spots which is challenging to resolve because of the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Many providers prescribe chemical peels; skin brightener lightening creams like hydroquinone and kojic acid, and/or oral prescriptions to help control melasma. But long-term use of many oral medications and lightening creams can carry risks.

After years of clinical studies and research, physicians at Sciton® zeroed in on the benefits of low-level laser treatments for patients with darker skin types. Low-level lasers have the ability to gently eliminate unwanted pigmentation in three to five treatments without causing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or exacerbating melasma. It’s an amazing treatment for patients with darker skin tones who’ve spent countless hours and dollars trying to resolve melasma and hyperpigmentation without success.

Treatment reduces pore size, improves tone and texture and brightens skin. It also eliminates the appearance of age spots. As those who suffer from melasma know, there is no cure for the condition. But, Moxi is an excellent treatment to reduce hyperpigmentation, minimizing the appearance of melasma.

It’s FDA-approved to improve the overall health of the skin. A treatment series stimulates the generation of new collagen, preventing lines and wrinkles while improving the integrity and structure of the skin.

Who’s a Candidate for Moxi?

As noted, Moxi works well to support the health of ALL skin types along the Fitzpatrick Scale and it’s a safe treatment for patients of all ages. As discussed, Moxi is recommended for patients suffering from melasma, but it’s also an excellent treatment for younger patients who are concerned with age prevention and are actively committed to maintaining their youthful appearance.

Moxi has been coined the “lunch-break treatment” because of its efficient technology, treatment is fast and comfortable making it perfect for patients with busy lifestyles. After treatment, there’s no downtime so patients can return to their daily routine.

While the aesthetic providers at RejuvenationMD need to assess your skin before prescribing a treatment plan, it’s safe to say that if you’re in good health, you’re a candidate for treatment.

How Many Moxi Treatments Do I Need?

Patients will see noticeable results after a series of three to five treatments. As with any skin care routine, a maintenance plan is encouraged for continued results.

The low-level laser settings can be adjusted to meet the needs of the patient. From melasma control to age prevention, Moxi an excellent adjunct to skin care regimens focused on skin rejuvenation and age prevention.

Moxi Laser at RejuvenationMD

From fair to dark-skinned patients, young and old, Moxi allows everyone to achieve healthy, glowing skin without the side effects, discomfort or downtime associated with more aggressive laser treatments.

When you’re looking for a provider, do your research. Ask questions about on-going training, visit the provider’s office to get a feel for their team, and always be sure to look at their before and after photos.

If you’re in Washington State and are ready for healthier skin, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of RejuvenationMD’s providers to see if you’re a candidate for Moxi.

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Moxi Laser a laser for all skin tones.