The demand for vaginal rejuvenation has skyrocketed as women hope to reclaim their feminine wellness. At RejuvenationMD® Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center, we get it! Who doesn’t want to feel like their most vibrant, sexy selves? We are so excited to perform diVa, a laser vaginal therapy that makes it possible for a woman to take charge of her womanhood!

diVa Is the “First of Its Kind”

diVa takes advantage of the same laser technology as our popular facial laser, Halo™ and is the first hybrid fractional laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Like Halo, diVa utilizes two laser wave lengths to target both the surface and deeper layers of the skin. The unique combination of both ablative and non-ablative wave lengths allows for precise vaginal rejuvenation at multiple layers. diVa encourages the vaginal area to rebuild and repair itself by improving collagen density, increasing skin thickness and elasticity, as well as encouraging the body’s natural moisture production.

diVa Is for All Women

Women of all ages and at all stages of their life can enjoy the benefits of diVa. Along with age, childbirth and menopause can lead to a decline in a woman’s vaginal health and can cause permanent changes to the tone, condition, and laxity of their vagina. Women may also experience changes to her intimate health due to other life events including a hysterectomy or chemotherapy.

diVa Is a Solution for Many Women’s Health Issues

No two women experience the exact same vaginal issues. While one may experience vaginal laxity, another may experience dryness or itching. For some, it’s the loss of sensation and sexual pleasure that is a concern. Accidental leakage (incontinence) is also a concern for many women. Fortunately, diVa is a customizable treatment that is designed to improve a woman’s vaginal health, function, and sex life as well as the appearance of the vaginal area.

diVa at RejuvenationMD Is for You

RejuvenationMD is thrilled to be the first practice in Washington State to perform diVa! We look forward to helping many women reclaim their feminine wellness! Take charge of your intimate well-being by scheduling a complimentary consultation with one of our female physicians today.