Bellingham woman showcases Vampire Breastlift results on the beach.

A woman’s breasts go through many changes throughout life from development to pregnancy to menopause. The Vampire Breastlift® is a popular treatment at RejuvenationMD® – Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center because it’s a minimally-invasive alternative option to breast surgeries. This innovative procedure uses popular dermal fillers combined with PRP therapy to provide a youthful placement and contour.

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, therapy is used for a variety of cosmetic issues including facial rejuvenation, hair loss, and sexual health for men and women. The process begins with a blood sample, which is then processed to isolate the PRP. These platelets contain your natural stem cells, which work to increase the blood flow, collagen production, and nerve sensitivity that revitalizes the area, in this case, the breasts. PRP works to improve your skin in several ways including texture and pigment and can restore lax skin between the breasts as well. This treatment is also used for inverted nipple correction.

The Vampire Breastlift® is best for women who are looking to elevate and increase their breasts without invasive plastic surgery. By combining PRP therapy with commonly-used dermal fillers, we can restore lost volume or enhance the size of the breasts while also addressing skin quality. Most women qualify for a PRP breast lift, but you’ll need to discontinue taking certain medications and supplements such as ibuprofen, aspirin, garlic, and other anti-inflammatories. Dr. Tsitsis will discuss your medical history during your consultation and see if the Vampire Breastlift® is right for you.

How is the Vampire Breastlift® Performed?

The process begins with drawing a sample of your blood from which we separate the platelet-rich plasma using a centrifuge. An anesthetic cream will numb the area, and Dr. Tsitsis will use a carefully chosen dermal filler to “fill in” the sunken areas of your breasts, including the indentations if you have inverted nipples. The PRP is injected into several regions of the breasts to promote tissue regeneration.

The Vampire Breastlift® often takes just an hour and a half to complete. You’ll notice a difference right away, but the PRP continues to promote rejuvenation for up to four months, so your breast lift results will settle in over time. Many of our Bellingham and Burlington patients reach their cosmetic goals with one treatment, but we may recommend two or more depending on your desired results and anatomy.

Recovery from the Vampire Breastlift® is minimal. You’ll likely have some initial redness and swelling that dissipates after a few days, but bruising can take longer, and Dr. Tsitsis has taken the time to put together PRP breast lift instructions, so you know what to expect from your initial consultation through the healing process.

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