We often sacrifice our health and well-being for the sake of busy schedules and success. With so much to do, we put off treating symptoms rather than trying to prevent them in the first place. Here at RejuvenationMD Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center, we believe in being pro-active about wellness. Through our new Wellness Program, our team of health experts work with you, our patient, to help you stay in the best health possible.

Understanding RejuvenationMD’s Wellness Program

At the core of our wellness program is you! Our goal is to help you stay physically and psychologically healthy, so that you can enjoy long lasting and fulfilling lives. Together with you, we are able to form a partnership that works towards a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Through our patient-centered approach, our wellness program is able to:

  • Tailor your treatment to fit your needs
  • Address specific health concerns that you may have along with any goals
  • Treats more than just the symptoms
  • Tackles the “why” of your particular health issues

With the help of RejuvenationMD’s Wellness Program, you are given the proper tools to enhance your life and are empowered lo live the healthiest and happiest life possible.

How RejuvenationMD’s Wellness Program Works

Our first priority during your complimentary consultation at our wellness center is to listen. We will then ask you a series of questions as well as conduct a full range of tests to determine your current health status. During your subsequent follow up visits, we will address any new and on-going health issues. Our wellness program is centered around seeing you continually, preferably six to eight times during the course of the year.

Through this approach, we are able to treat common issues that both men and women face—especially as they age. Often, these include:

  • Sexual Health & Libido
  • Fat Loss & Diet
  • Skin Vitality
  • Optimal Aging
  • Energy & Stress Management
  • Sleep Balance

Many of our patients are pleased that through our wellness program, we are able to treat these ailments with minimally and non-invasive approaches.

RejuvenationMD is Excited to Introduce Our New Wellness Program the North Sound

As a team, we are committed to a relationship of care. As a part of our wellness program, you can rest assured that when you need us, we will be here to support you. Schedule your complimentary consultation with us and be on your way to finally being the best you can be!