Burlington woman holds face showing off Vampire Facelift results.

The Vampire Facelift® is a combination procedure that utilizes dermal fillers and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate and restore a youthful appearance. Skin aging is unavoidable, and the process begins after the age of 20. As you get older, you produce less collagen and elastin fibers loosen and clump together, which leads to wrinkles and sagging. The Vampire Facelift® at RejuvenationMD® – Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center can restore healthy skin and provide a luminous complexion. 

1. Immediately Restore Lost Volume with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers 

The three layers of your skin—epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue—work together to maintain firm and supple skin. Facial volume loss typically begins in your 30s because the dermis (deep skin tissue) slows down the transfer of moisture to your skin’s surface (epidermis). The first step in the Vampire Facelift® involves using hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm® or Radiesse® to provide immediate volume restoration.

Dr. Tsitsis will evaluate the shape of your face and discuss your cosmetic concerns to determine which areas have lost volume and are making you appear older or tired. Then, one of the FDA-approved dermal fillers is artfully injected into your troublesome areas to lift the skin. These results are immediate but vary by patient.  

2. PRP Therapy Stimulates New Collagen Growth 

Your body creates one percent less collagen every year after you turn 20. Collagen is found in the deep, thick layer of your skin (dermis). Your skin may look dull, thin, and brittle due to the waning levels of collagen and weakening elastin fibers. This process is exacerbated in your 40s when you stop producing collagen altogether. The second step of the Vampire Facelift® uses PRP to stimulate new collagen. That involves drawing blood and isolating the platelet-rich plasma using a centrifuge, which looks like a yellow serum. The PRP is then injected into the same areas as the dermal filler. 

PRP contains growth and healing factors, which are activated once placed back into your face, which stimulates your body to produce more collagen. While the first part of the Vampire Facelift® restores facial shape, the PRP aspect naturally boosts your results which can last one to two years. 

3. The Vampire Facelift® Promotes Blood Flow & Healing  

PRP therapy in the Vampire Facelift® also promotes new blood flow to the area, which enhances skin texture, firmness, and color. That’s due to the nature of PRP. Whenever you suffer an injury, platelet-rich plasma is activated and migrates to the injured area to aid in healing. PRP has been used in dentistry, orthopedics, and wound healing for many years. 

The anti-aging and rejuvenating effects of the Vampire Facelift® are a favorite among celebrities, but you don’t need to be famous to achieve a glowing complexion with this procedure. RejuvenationMD® – Aesthetic Skin Treatment & Wellness Center offers a variety of PRP treatments in our Vampire® series such as the Vampire Facial®, Breastlift®, hair restoration treatment, as well as PRP treatments like the O-Shot® and Priapus Shot® to address sexual function issues in both men and women. 

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