3 Ways to Get Your Sex Life Back on Track 

It’s common for working couples in their 30s and 40s to go long periods without sex. Doctors and psychologists call this phenomenon D.I.N.S: Double income, no sex. Sex becomes less of a priority when couples are consumed by long work days flanked by childcare, household responsibilities and limited time for exercise or self care. As a result, some couples have sex once or twice a month, while other couples go even longer than a month. 

A dry spell can leave you physically and mentally less motivated to have sex, lowing your libido, and reducing the hormones that fuel your sex drive. When life gets in the way of intimacy, it can become challenging for couples to reignite their sex life. Consequently, lack of sex can lead to communication problems and feelings of inadequacy; partners may even experience an increase in anxiety or depression.

There are a lot of reasons that can cause sexual activity to wane, but there are 3 ways to get your sex life back on track. 

Limit Distractions to Improve Your Sex Life

Sex is like meditation, you have focus on being present if you want to have a wow-worthy experience.

While having everything at our fingertips makes it easy to check social media or read emails, it can be detrimental to our sex lives, especially when done before bed. This doesn’t give us much of an opportunity to unwind and connect with ourselves and our partners. 

Limiting screen time before bed takes discipline, but the rewards of connecting with your partner and having great sex pays dividends in strengthening your relationship, your self-confidence, and your sexual ability.

Another hurdle that causes distraction after a dry spell is a lack of self-confidence. When couples lose their rhythm, it’s easy for one or both partners to develop an internal negative feedback loop that’s created by worrying about their partner’s experience. 

The best way to overcome this is to talk through it. Verbalize how you’re feeling so your partner can relate and empathize with you. It never hurts to bring humor into situations that may feel awkward as long as you and your partner share the same sense of humor!

It’s key to understand that physiologically, the brain is our biggest erogenous zone. From our senses to our imagination, the brain is our sexual command center. when our minds are distracted, it’s hard to have good sex. Shut down outside distractions and put 100% of your focus on your partner.  

Reframe Your Mindset, Sex Is Good for Your Health!

Many of the existing social norms around sex have taught us to be embarrassed by our bodies and the intimacy with our partners. Women in particular have a harder time overcoming the limitations placed on them by society. This is possibly due to  perceptions that they have to look or act a certain way to be deserving of pleasurable sex. Men too, are influenced by social norms that pressure them to perform confidently and/or dominantly; to look a certain way and be a certain size. 

Going back to the fact that the brain is our biggest erogenous zone, it can take some time to decondition ourselves from these norms. Reframing the way we think about sex can change our attitude and behavior. It’s important to remember that sex is good for our health!

Regular sex makes us more equipped to handle stress; members of the D.I.N.S. club should take heed! Sex is proven to lower cortisol levels and increase endorphins and oxytocin levels which will help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Many studies show that regular sex reduces blood pressure, improves heart health, improves immune function, improves sleep function, reduces pain, and improves mental outlook among other benefits.

When we reframe how sex can positively impact our health and our happiness, it becomes easier to make it a priority in our relationships.

Spontaneity is More Fun Than Having to Reach for a Pill

It can be difficult and unreasonable to expect partners to go from dry spell to ridin’ hot and heavy right away. Like everything, curating a healthy sex life takes effort and consistency. If there are physical barriers, like pain with sex or erectile dysfunction, standing in the way of getting your sex life back on track, it may be time to consider safe, nonsurgical solutions to resolve the issue. 

Whether caused by stress, hormones or medically-related reasons, sexual dysfunction is a natural part of life. However, it’s good to know that there are safe, drug-free ways to overcome these issues. After all, having the option to be spontaneous is more fun than having to wait 30 minutes for a pill to work.

Dr. Tianna Tsitsis, noted sexual wellness expert, has helped countless men and women resolve sexual dysfunction with affordable, sexual wellness solutions like diVa®, O-Shot® and P-Shot® that work to improve and support sexual health. Whether you’re 30 or 90-years-old, if you’re in good health, these treatments are safe and effective for people of all ages. 

diVa® laser vaginal therapy revitalizes vaginal health, sloughing away old tissue to generate healthy new tissue, new blood vessels and glandular cells in the vaginal canal. Treatments help improve blood flow and increase lubrication and the new tissue can help make sex more comfortable as well as help thicken the vaginal walls to lift the pelvic floor and reduce stress urinary incontinence.

O-Shot® injections in the vaginal canal employ your platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to generate new tissue, blood vessels, muscle cells and glandular cells. The growth of new tissue helps improve the health and function of the vagina, making sex more comfortable while reducing stress urinary incontinence. 

Growth factors from the O-Shot promote a wide range of benefits that include:

  • Increased libido
  • Tightening and strengthening of the vaginal canal
  • Increased lubrication
  • Resolution for urinary incontinence
  • Better arousal with stimulation of the clitoris
  • Stronger orgasms 

Together, a series of O-Shot and diVa treatments help revitalize sexual wellness, reduce urinary incontinence, and improve sexual response to make sex more enjoyable for women.

For men, the P-Shot® is a drug-free solution to erectile dysfunction. The Priapus shot, or P-Shot®, also uses PRP to generate new blood vessels, nerve endings and tissue. 

The benefits of the P-Shot® include: 

  • Harder erections
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Improved performance and stamina

Some men experience improvements in the length and girth of the penis. The P-Shot® can also support prostate health, reduce urinary incontinence, and help with Peyronie’s disease. 

Re-Prioritize Your Relationship to Improve Your Sex Life

We all go through periods where life gets too busy to focus on ourselves and our relationships– that’s normal. There are a number of ways to get back on track to make yourself and your partner a priority. Sometimes, all it takes is turning off the distractions. Other times it requires talking things through and working to create a healthy routine that prioritizes your relationship.

If there are physiological barriers in the way of obtaining a healthy, pleasurable sex life, it may be time to seek help from a medical expert. If you want drug-free, nonsurgical solutions, schedule a discreet complimentary consultation with one of RejuvenationMD’s sexual wellness experts to learn whether you’re a candidate for treatment.

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