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About Us

At RejuvenationMD, we do not compromise or cut corners. We believe we have been chosen “Best of the Northwest” six years in a row because we have a vision…and we live it.

To create anything of quality is really a matter of mindset. It’s about setting your standards as high as possible and making every decision based on those values.
We’re a physician-owned and operated practice, where everything matters— from our convenient locations and flexible hours, to the comfort of our waiting room, the friendliness of our staff, and the quality of every aesthetic and medical procedure, treatment and product. Our mission is to provide you with a first-class experience…every time you visit.

We Will Take Care of You

The first step for every new patient is a one-hour, complimentary consultation to ask questions, assess concerns and discuss a wide variety of treatment options. From there, patients get a written plan tailored specifically to their goals and lifestyle. For those who are dedicated to becoming and maintaining their most attractive and healthy selves, we are here to partner with you every step of the way.

We Have the Very Best Staff

The physicians, nurses and master estheticians on our staff have been carefully vetted and have the highest qualifications, training, and artistry. But they also have something more; we hire as much for compassion and the ability to connect with patients as we do for competence. We build relationships with our patients. We understand their hopes and dreams, their families, what brings them happiness, and how we can be of support.


We Choose Only the Finest Equipment and Products

A talented, handpicked staff is just part of assuring the best results. With such a wide array of equipment available, we have conducted tireless research and testing to find the safest, most effective, most comfortable equipment and products, including:

“WE TREAT EVERY PATIENT AS THOUGH HE OR SHE WERE FAMILY. In fact, members of our families are our patients too.” – Dr. Tianna Tsitsis

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"We tailor the experience to every person...
this is not a cookie-cutter practice. Each face and body has different challenges and different solutions. Deciding on the right solution is an art. Creating the most beautiful results is an art unto itself.”

- Tianna Tsitsis, MD

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