Age spots, lines, or patches of discoloration are part of the normal aging process. The skin is the body’s first layer of defense against bacteria, UV exposure, and environmental contaminants, which is one of the reasons why the National Institute of Health emphasizes the importance of making an effort to keep skin healthy.

Thanks to advancements in aesthetic technology, we have safe, nonsurgical solutions to support skin health. These treatments diminish the signs of aging and prolong the health and integrity of the skin. They can also work wonders for those struggling with skin conditions caused by hormonal imbalances, overactive immune systems, and more, all of which can result in disorders like melasma or rosacea.

While there is no cure for either melasma or rosacea, there are special protocols we follow that generate life-changing results for our patients, helping to clear their skin and restore their confidence.

Healthy Skin Means Better Aesthetic Outcomes

Botox and dermal fillers are wonderful anti-aging treatments. However, we can achieve even better treatment results when we begin with a strong foundation of collagen-rich, healthy skin.

At RejuvenationMD, two of our go-to treatments for skin health are BBL® HERO™ and MOXI® laser treatments. BBL (broadband light) is a light treatment and MOXI is a laser. These two treatments work to support the skin in different ways, but together they provide the ultimate treatment for a healthy skin regimen.

Light Therapy Cosmetic Treatments– IPL vs. BBL HERO

You may have heard of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, which treat skin via the use of non-coherent light. BBL is a more advanced form of IPL technology, delivering superior results.

BBL HERO by Sciton® is the most advanced and most effective light treatment in aesthetics. It uses a higher intensity and broader range of light waves for faster and more precise treatment.

The pulsed light treatments are faster and more comfortable than other IPL devices, which is critical for the patient experience. BBL treatments eliminate port wine stains, birthmarks, sun damage, broken capillaries, blood vessels around the nose, hyperpigmentation, and more. We use different settings to treat various areas of the body, so we don’t only treat the face, neck, and chest – we can also treat the arms and legs.

Patients who struggle with acne or rosacea find wonderful relief from RejuvenationMD’s BBL treatment protocols. While there is no cure for rosacea, we can greatly reduce flare ups with regular treatments. We also achieve tremendous success with problematic acne by integrating a series of broadband light treatments into our acne treatment protocol.

One of the unique benefits of BBL HERO treatments is that we can actually reverse cellular aging at the molecular level, which no other IPL device can do. We recommend a corrective series of treatments, and then we prescribe ongoing quarterly maintenance treatments to keep skin young and healthy looking.

MOXI Laser

Different from light treatments, lasers use cohesive energy to resurface the skin and target problem areas. But not all lasers are the same. Sciton’s MOXI laser harnesses the most advanced technology to help manage the appearance of melasma, which is a very difficult disorder to control and one that mostly affects women.

MOXI is safe for all skin types along the Fitzpatrick scale, which ranges from I (very light skin) to VI (very dark skin). It is one of the first accessible laser treatments to patients with brown and black skin who are susceptible to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. MOXI gently resurfaces skin, reducing pore size and stimulating new collagen generation, while also eliminating hyperpigmentation and sun damage. The result is brighter, healthier skin.

Like BBL HERO, our providers use MOXI to treat the whole body: arms, legs, face, neck, chest– anywhere there’s sun damage. For many patients, we recommend combining the BBL and MOXI therapies as part of a healthy, nonsurgical  regimen that is focused on building a strong foundation of collagen-rich skin.

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